Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bell Gardens

Bro. Trevino at the pulpit

Bro. George - Bell Gardens

Bro. George - Bell Gardens

Bro. George - Bell Gardens

Bro. George - Bell Gardens

Bell Gardens church

Just got in from an incredible night at the LA Pentecostals of Bell Gardens. Pastor Trevino and the church were a great host. Bro. George preached out of Matthew 21, "My house shall be called a House of Prayer". He challenged us to get our house in order by cleansing and sactifying it. As a result of cleaning out the temple, the power fell and miracles took place because the house was cleaned. He concluded his preaching around 9:15 and gave an altar call. The altars were filled and tears began to flow as many made new dedications and consecrations to God. After 15-20 mins of praying, Bro. George felt led to give a message to someone in the building. The power of God swept into the building in an unprecedented way. After another hour or so of praying, church concluded a little bit after 10:45. Many commented on the experience they encountered.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Week Recap

Bro. George, Bro Buxton, Bro. Harris and ?

Bro. George preaching in Chula Vista, Ca

Bro. George - Chula Vista, Ca

The adventure began April 21, 2010, I arrived at LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal at 11:45 a.m. awaiting the arrival of Rev. P. George from India. Having never met the man, let alone seen a picture of him, I had no idea who I was looking for. I had my homemade sign with his name on it, hoping that finding him would easier. The clock began to tick. Bro. George's plane landed at 11:59 a.m. I stood there waiting, I am not going to lie, I was NERVOUS. I kept checking the time on my phone, 12:10....12:20....12:35....12:45, nothing. Finally, I called Laura and asked her to text me a picture of what Bro. George looked like, maybe I had missed him. I received the picture and began to look around, no luck. Finally, a few minutes later, a man approached me, looking nothing like the picture, it was Rev. P. George. We greeted each other and made our way to my car. Yes, for those wondering, I was nervous when he shook my hand. Go learn what that meaneth...

We made our way to Chula Vista, Ca, where Bro. George was scheduled to be in service at Hilltop Tabernacle, Pastor Steve Buxton. We arrived at the hotel close to 4:00 p.m, and I quickly noticed the room had only one bed, so the floor sufficed. By this time I was starved, Bro. George was not. so I suffered in silence. It was time to leave for church! We left the hotel and arrived at the church a few minutes before 7:00 p.m. We awaited the arrival of Bro. Buxton. In the meantime, Bro. George napped. A few minutes later Bro. Buxton arrived and received Bro. George with open arms. Church started and the presence of God was very evident from the onset. For a man who had just landed from India to take the pulpit and preach was a feat of its own, but to preach like Bro. George preached left you awe-struck. A man who 45 minutes prior was asleep, was jumping and preaching like a young man without fear and favor, but with much fervor. "How are you walking", he asked. Is it one way inside the church and another outside? The power of God swept through that place and it was evident that an Apostle to India was with us. I asked Bro. George following the service if he was hungry and tired, he told me that when the anointing hit him, it not only strengthened his body so he was not tired, but it also fed him so he was no longer hungry.

We left Chula Vista a little bit after lunchtime on Thursday and made our way back to Rialto. Rialto has never looked so good to me! I stopped by the church to show Bro. George the building. He made his way around the church, taking it all in. Finally, we arrived at home. I showed Bro. George his room and he decided to "take rest", while I enjoyed the finer things in life, racquetball.

Friday, I had the opportunity to try Indian food for the first time. Bro. George thoroughly enjoyed the food. The staff at the restaurant treated him with utmost respect and affectionately referred to him as "father". This was a neat experience for him and I. That night we had a fellowship meeting in Redlands.

Sunday was a very special and unique day. Bro. O.C. Marler was with us to teach our Adult Sunday School class. What a unique and powerful man. Bro. George concluded Sunday Morning by ministering to us with passion. Sunday night Bro. Marler challenged us once again.

This is a week in review and I will do my best to update as Bro. George and I begin our trek across the country!