Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Buford, Ga

The Copeland's house at night

First Pentecostal Church - Buford, Ga


Before service started

Pastor Tim Copeland

Bro. Don Stewart

?, Bro. George, Bro. Copeland, and Bro. Pound

While many spent Memorial Day playing softball and having a great time, Bro. George and I spent our Memorial Day driving to Buford, Georgia. After arriving and getting all settled, I met up with Beau, Josh and Court Pound, and others for dinner. I went back to the room to relax for the night. However, Sis. Copeland found out we were in town and sent word for us to go to the house and NO was not an option. Bro. George and I headed to the Copelands close to 9:30 p.m. for some fellowship. We had a great time sitting around and talking. It was good to see the Pounds and be with the Copelands. Bro. Copeland asked us to join them in their last revival service with Evangelist Don Stewart. We obliged and went to be in service with them tonight. Bro. George testified for a few minutes and then Bro. Stewart preached. I have never heard him in person until tonight, and I was blown away. He preached without notes and was incredible. I will not try to explain it because I would not do it justice! However, I will say I sat there and was captivated by the powerful message concerning the blood. He brought out so many deep and rich thoughts that left me looking for a pen to write them down. After service, I dropped Bro. George off at the Copelands for some food and fellowship. I went and ate with some of the young people and then went back to the Copelands for awhile. Tomorrow we are headed into Atlanta to be with Bro. Keith Hood for service. Looking forward to a great service! Just a few more days, the countdown is on, I will be home SOON!!! I will post pictures tomorrow

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