Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little Rock, Ar

We left Cartersville, Ga this afternoon to head to Little Rock, Ar. We drove 490 miles and passed through 3 states (Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee) before arriving in Arkansas. It seemed like it took forever, we stopped once to fill up and kept on treking. It took eight hours to get here, we lost an hour and are now only 2 hours ahead of home. The most exciting thing about today was; I am now 490 miles closer to home. We will be in service tomorrow night with Pastor Joel Holmes and the N. Little Rock church. We are excited about service. School officially started today, so between driving and doing school, the next few days will prove to be busy. I am thrilled beyond measure to have 8 weeks left of school until I am done forever (I think). Homeward bound!!!

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