Monday, May 3, 2010


Sunday has come and gone! We had great church, LONG but great. It was my first time being in service at Landmark Tabernacle with Bro. Hyler. It was a treat. They were incredible hosts from the room, the basket, and everything else. It was by far first class. Landmark Tabernacle is an awesome, powerful, and prayerful church. It was very evident from beginning this morning that this was a seasoned church. Bro. George preached on the 5 kinds of faith, however for the sake of time, he was only able to get through 2 kinds of faith. He said it took five days to preach this same message in India, thank God for the U.S.A. Awesome altar service followed the message. Sunday night was another tremendous service as Bro. George preached very passionately to us. We will be heading out in the morning for Rialto to unpack and repack for Tuesday's journey to Texas....

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