Sunday, May 16, 2010


My last post ended as we were getting ready for Thursday night's Summit service. Wow what an amazing service it was. There are no words to describe the Spirit that we felt. Bro. Lambeth is truly a man of God. Incredible. Friday morning was another great daytime service starting off with Bro. Puckett. Bro. Spell followed him and blew the lid off the place with the Word. At the conclusion, Bro. Marks, who was scheduled to preached, gave the altar call. Friday night's service was beyond amazing. No one can conclude a conference like Bro. Godair. He just has a unique way of ending of conference. We shouted, danced, and praised! It was an awesome Summit and I am looking forward to next year, if the creek don't rise! We spent Saturday around Tulsa and relaxing. Saturday night I met up with some friends from here and had an awesome time. Sunday was a little different for us as we got to sleep in and attend Bro. Howard's afternoon service. Bro. Howard taught the first session. It was incredible on the new birth plan of salvation. Bro. George testified and it was great! Bro. Waldrep preached and the altars were filled with hungry hearts. One was baptized and another wants to! We went out for Indian food after service with the Howards. They are incredible people! Tomorrow we leave for somewhere....I don't know as of yet! So until then....

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