Friday, May 28, 2010


Since I became a bloggin' machine, I feel awkward not writing a post for a few days, so here it is. We are in North Carolina one more day before heading down to South Carolina for church on Sunday. I did some more service on my car today to get it ready for the trek back home beginning June 6th, tenatively! It has been extremely hot here, as well as storming! I am listening to the thunder roar and the lightning flash as I write! It also does not help that it is EXTREMELY hot in my room! Thank God for my towel! Anyways, I pretty much have nothing to say and have said nothing, but here is a blog post. HUGE shoutout to our LCA grads tonight (Ali, Ash B, Alex H, Stace, and Britt)!!!! Until later...

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  1. You better be taking care of that car buddy!