Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nashville, Nc pt. 2

Todd, Me, and Michelle

I felt to write a seperate blog post for this. On Monday, I found out from Bro. Booker, that we were to head to Nashville, Nc for service on Wednesday. I knew this city and area seemed familiar but was not quite sure why. It finally clicked, this was the home to a brother, who I have not seen in 18 years, and a sister, who I have not seen in close to 10 years. We have had minimal contact over the years, but it has greatly increased in the last few months, however, only through email. So I emailed to let her know that I would be coming to Nashville, Nc and we would be having a service there on Wednesday night. The next morning I recieved a phone call from a number I did not know. I answered and it was her. We talked for a few minutes and she was wanting to make sure that I really meant Nashville, Nc, since it is such a "huge" city in the middle of nowhere. I confirmed it was Nashville. We made plans to meet up sometime for dinner either Wednesday or Thursday, but I was to call her when we got into town. I called today and left a message that we had church tonight, so we could not do dinner, but they were more than welcome to come to church. We played phone tag for the next hour, then finally started texting. At 7:05 I received a text message saying that they were at the church. By this time, I am in a complete shock and don't know what to say. This is a dream come true. We arrived at the church and there they stood. Words cannot even express the emotion that I felt. We hugged, shed a tear or two. After 10 years and 18 years, we were finally reunited. There is so much that is racing through my mind, it is hard to believe that this has all taken place. After 4500+ miles, this trip was worth it all and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!!! Better try to rest up....AHHH

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