Thursday, May 13, 2010


No words to describe last night and today's services. They were simply incredible. Bro. Mayo preached awesome about "The Bitter Test". It is imperative not to let a root of bitterness get in our spirits. Then today was old fashion church. Three preachers starting off with Bro. Groce, one of my favorites. He preached about "God's preacher, a man with his hands full". Deep and profound. Bro. Smith followed him up reminding us not to treat the sacred things of God so casually. Never let it become common to us. Bro. Deeds concluded this morning or afternoon challenging us to keep our spirits right for it is the candle of the Lord. It has just started and has been tremendous already. I am looking forward to hearing Bro. Lambeth tonight. Incredible man of faith!! Until later....

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