Saturday, May 22, 2010

Newport, Nc pt. 1

Me and my niece, got to see her last night!

We spent Friday night in Rocky Mount, Nc before heading to the coast of North Carolina. I got to see my sister one more time and also my niece. We had a great time together. We headed for Newport, Nc this afternoon to be with Bro. Erskine tomorrow. It was a few hours drive which is like a breeze these days. We stopped by the church on the way into town. I am so looking forward to service tomorrow. Bro. Erskine will be preaching in the morning and Bro. George at night. We have had a great time already and are really looking forward to being with the Erskines for the next several days. Tonight we went to eat by the beach. You talk about an awesome steak, it is pretty close to Jocko's steakhouse which is saying alot. The Atlantic is so different than the Pacific. The beach is flat and boring, but much warmer, so I have heard. Anyways, just a little update as to where we and will be until Wednesday morning. Until later...

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