Monday, May 24, 2010

Newport, Nc pt. 3

Beach properties

Atlantic Beach, Nc

Bro. George

The East Coast

Today was just a chill day. We are still in Newport, Nc with Bro. Erskine. We slept in a little bit today and then made a journey to Atlantic Beach, Nc. Bro. George wanted to see the coast and take a few pictures. It rained a little bit on us while we were at the beach. The water here was slightly warmer than the Pacific. After seeing the coast, had to stop by Mcdonalds to get Bro. George his #11 Filet of Fish! I think I am going to start dreaming about those things soon. At least I should get some stock in Mcdonalds. We then made our way to the church, where school was still in session. Bro. Erskine and I played some ball with the high school class. Those kids can play softball. Bro. George took a grand tour of the church during this time. I brought Bro. George home so he could rest, while I went and had my car serviced. We have now hit over 5100 miles on this trip. Here are a few pictures of the coast...

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